[Qt-creator] C/C++ parser and "pre-included" headers

hatred adrozdoff at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 03:54:06 CEST 2013

Hi All!

Some compilers can declare header file(s) that will be pre-included to all
sources before compile. For example GCC has option "-include <file>" for
this purposes. Our project uses this ability to declare some macroses,
types, functions and so on (big embedded project).

I use QTC to edit and refactoting code (Generic Project) and found, that
some macrosses can't be recognized by QTC while our pre-compiled file does
not included manually. So, my question: Does any way to point this
pre-included files for QTC parser?

And another question but regard parsing.
Currently I use QTC 2.6.2 on WinXP (32bit) it require about 20 min to parse
our project (some classes does not recognized but in most cases it works).
I tried to migrate to 2.7.0 and found that parsing break totally: I tried
to wait for a two hours, but parsing still reports a zero progress. So my
question: Does any way to turn on parsing debugging? What file currently
processing. How much files already processed and total files count. Parsing
errors and warnings and so ons. I want fill a bug report, but I don't see
what helpful information I can provide...
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