[Qt-creator] C/C++ parser and "pre-included" headers

Petar Perisin petar.perisin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 15:33:18 CEST 2013


NOTE: this is my first post on mailing list. I would like to reply to
existing thread - "C/C++ parser and "pre-included" headers", but since I
have never done this maybe I will create new thread. sorry about that. :-)

However, there was discussion about how to add pre-compiled headers to
generic project, so that code model recognizes them and parses them, and
kinda includes them in fornt of every file in the code base - I have this
issues too, and I was not able to solve them so far. I work on Linux,
QtCreator "2.8", compiled from master branch.

I have seen in several occasions information about how I should do
something to the *.config file - however, so far nothing I have tired
worked worked.

Is there someone who had made this work, in any way what-so-ever? Can you
please explain how to do this in detail, since I have tried a lot of things
and nothing ever made parser include any of the files listed in *.config

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