[Qt-creator] Q_ENUMS availability bug/enhancement ?

VStevenP vstevenpavao at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 23 22:38:30 CEST 2013

Thanks Orgad, very much!  I just logged into my JIRA account and Watched and Voted on this issue.

It's actually a pretty important one for me, because to code the user interface app, I need to access many such enum values and share them with the other application.  Add to that, my hope is that if this could be made to work, that the enum values would also be able to be made available to the Designer, so a layout engineer could easily map parameter enum values to UI widgets using the Designer.  These enums really need to be available for auto-complete in the Editor or in a selectable list in the Designer in order to achieve a reasonable workflow.

- VStevenP

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>>I am trying to share enums in a clean way between the apps by including the enum, but unfortunately, Qt Creator does not detect the enum in the included file.
>Sounds like QTCREATORBUG-8461 :)
>- Orgad
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