[Qt-creator] How to add custom toolchains?

Guido guido at greenflow-solutions.com
Thu Aug 1 12:17:03 CEST 2013

> we try to keep *everything* in Creator private till somebody needs it. 
> So if you indeed need something do the following:

Makes sense. I was just a bit surprised that there isn't already a public API for such a common task. :-)

> 4) Commit and push to gerrit for review. Provide a good use-case for 
> having the class public as a comment on gerrit or as part of the commit 
> message.
> The best use-cases are of course those backed by code using the 
> newly-made-public class (in a different commit depending on the 
> making-public-change).

My use case (I know, this is the mailing list and not gerrit): What my customer needs (I think) are downloadable toolchain packages. I want to connect to a webserver, which offers a catalog of available toolchains my customer hosts. The user of the product can then choose toolkits for his platform and click install, the packages are downloaded and automatically installed. No further interaction, no gui. The toolchains will be installed in a product folder, which isn't searched by the QtCreator. So no restart and autodetect.

Backing up by code ... difficult... commercial project. Nothing I am allowed to release.... Yet. ;-)

But what's interesting: gcctoolchain is public. Tells me two things: 
1. There already must have been a good use case.
2. Noone really cares for msvctoolchains. This one is still internal. :-D

Fortunately gcctoolchain is sufficient for me right now to test if everything works as I think it should. With gcctoolchain I should be able to give my customer a demonstration. If I get green light I might have to 'open' at least msvctoolchain. IMHO it makes sense anyways that all kinds of toolchains are treated equally.

Thanks for the info, Tobias.


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