[Qt-creator] BareMetal Target Plugin

Tim Sander tim at krieglstein.org
Tue Aug 6 18:05:38 CEST 2013


I would like to implement a bare metal configuration plugin for qt-creator. 
What i envision is a plugin which compares to the generic "GDB Hardware 
Debugging" run dialog of eclipse. Which is not as comfortable as the remote 
linux plugin but a little bit more flexible.

Most of the functionality is given via the "Connect to Debug Server". But i 
would like to have this in a configurable manner as target configuration like 
the "Remote Linux" target. But i think it would be better to keep the 
gdbserver information in a per project manner? Which means not pulling them 
into a own configuration setting like the "Devices" entry in the configuration 
but in the "Deployment" section of the "Run" configuration.

Would stuff like this be accepted (give reasonable code quality)?

Also if you have some hints which parts should/could be reeused would be nice.

Best regards

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