[Qt-creator] Dev: add/remove folder in File System view

Sven Goericke sven.goericke at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 23:26:12 CEST 2013

Hi all,

i just added 2 more options to the context menu in the "File System"
view, allowing adding and removing a folder. I don't know why this is
still missing but it was my personal need for this options. You can
review the code here:

I created a fork of the original qt-creator and also a separate branch
for my work. Please note that Qt is relative new for me (while C++ isn't).

To the maintainers: are there any serious reasons why adding/removing
folders is still missing in Qt Creator?

Private as well at work we use plain Makefile-based projects and
switching to another build-system is no option. Therefore i like to
improve some features in the Generic Project Manager. I also plan to
create a plugin for boost.test support (while we use QTC to write code
we don't use Qt itself).

Apropos plugin: i just created my first plugin for QTC. It's nothing
big, just adds a little feature i missed. After 5 years of Emacs
sometimes you miss something



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