[Qt-creator] Is it allowed...

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Wed Aug 21 20:52:26 CEST 2013

...to kick QtCreator devs? Just kidding, I don't hit devs. ;-)

However, after the fun I just had...

I am writing a plugin, which downloads toolchains and Qts from a remote site and installs them without user interaction.

First Linux: No problem at all. Works like a charm.

Then Windows... -> 

'Cannot install Qt:  "qmake 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\ToolChains\Qt-510\bin\qmake' is not an executable."' 

Dammit. I had problems with permissions for a short time under Linux, too. Fixed that. This bug back again? Hmm, the installed qmake was executable. From command line everything worked fine. A path problem? I added paths, current dirs... Nothing. The ^#$#% qmake was executable, so why is the QtCreator lying? 

"Hah, what a dolt", could someone think now. Under Windows it is not 'qmake', but 'qmake.exe'. Felt a bit stupid, too, when I 'discovered' that. Though the stupid thing could have told me that it did not find the executable. 

Nevertheless, I did not feel stupid for long. I did not want to make this mistake a second time. I can learn, really. So, when I installed the toolchain, I changed g++ to g++.exe.

Seems my mistake with the qmake wasn't so stupid after all... For the compiler it really MUST be 'g++', not 'g++.exe'. :-)

End of rant. I know, QtCreator is mostly a community effort now. So minor inconsistencies like that must be expected... But still, they can get frustrating from time to time. :-D


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