[Qt-creator] Qnx Plugin status for 3.0

Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos nicolas.arnaud-cormos at kdab.com
Thu Aug 22 16:23:13 CEST 2013

Hi all,

With Qt Creator 3.0 being worked on, we look at the current status of 
the Qnx plugin, and would like to propose a major change: splitting the 
plugin in 2 plugins:
  * Qnx plugin (for Qnx devices),
  * BlackBerry plugin (obviously for BlackBerry devices, using the BB10 

Currently, the two are merged into one for historical reasons, but 
there's no technical reasons to do it:
  * Qnx is mostly working like the remote linux plugin
  * BlackBerry has its own set of tool to package/deploy the application
  * there are actually only 2 classes shared (QnxAbstractQtVersion, 
QnxBaseQtConfigWidget) between the two, and a bunch of utility methods 
in QnxUtils

The plan is to have a Qnx plugin, and a BlackBerry plugin depending on 
the Qnx one.

If nobody object, we would like to do the split next week.

It will also clarify the maintenance. Right now, the plugin is not even 
listed here:

I would like to propose:
  * Tobias N├Ątterlund for Qnx maintainer: Tobias is the original author 
of the Qnx and BlackBerry plugin, and is working closely with the people 
using Qnx daily at KDAB (means they kick him every time something does 
not work)
  * El Mehdi Fekari for BlackBerry maintainer: Mehdi is in charge of the 
Qt Creator plugin for BlackBerry, and has already done his share of work 
on it, obviously testing the plugin regularly, even on unreleased NDK


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