[Qt-creator] Qnx Plugin status for 3.0

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at digia.com
Fri Aug 23 10:09:35 CEST 2013

Hi Nicolas,

On 23.08.2013 09:49, Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos wrote:
> Keeping Qnx and BlackBerry together is the same as putting the Qnx
> plugin in the Linux Remote plugin: it does not harm, but does not have
> any sense.

Then why do it if it does not cause harm?

On the other hand new plugins do introduce some (usually small) cost. 
Kai already explained why.

In addition there is the cost of somebody doing the change and somebody 
else (and that will most likely be me in the current setup) having to 
review it. So far I have not seen an argument that justify those 
investments of time and energy.

> The two are targeting different group of developers,

The main downside I can see is that QNX-only developers are loosing a 
bit of RAM for the Blackberry only features. I think that is acceptable.

 > have different unofficial maintainers.

Tobias and Mehdi seem to be able to work together well and tend to 
review each other's patches all the time. I do not see how their 
workflow can be improved by splitting up the plugin. BlackBerry has to 
depend on QNX, so they will need to cooperate closely in both setups.

I am sure Mehdi and Tobias will speak up if they see advantages that 
were missed so far.

Best Regards,

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