[Qt-creator] BareMetal Target Plugin

Tim Sander tim at krieglstein.org
Tue Aug 27 16:49:49 CEST 2013


Attached is a tarfile wich creates a qt-fake dir under linux.
There is a makefile which copies the lokal qmake and creates a fake library 
to make qtcreator happy. This works with an arm-none-eabi-gcc in the path.
If you have an different target you just need to exchange the compiler setting
int the lib directory.

If someone has an idea how to get such a thing working for winblows i 
would be very interested. It seems that the qmake is not reading the
qt.conf file. At least qtcreator tells me that qt is not properly installed.

I have the impression that:
doesn't help as it is not searching for the directory but only taking the 
preconfigured stuff?

Best regards
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