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<snip, discussion of proposed QtCreator GUI interface changes/themes>

QUESTION:  I know the world seems to have shifted to
"tabbed-or-split-frames" for code editing, but I really like "Multiple

Recall that MSVS2008 offered "Multiple Documents" (which I use) and "Tabbed
Documents" (which I don't), but that MSVS2010+ no longer offer "Multiple
Documents" (e.g., you must use "Tabbed").

On really large monitors (I work on 30" monitors), the "Multiple Documents"
allow me to better organize my files.  I typically edit 8-20+ source files
at a time, and visual-layout works great for "Multiple", and *horrible* for
"Tabbed".  (Tabbed has so much wasted real estate, hides too much, and
doesn't allow me to use "spatial-memory" to find stuff.)

Nobody would suggest organizing a "desktop" with tabs.  There are tons of
studies on the benefits of "spatial memory" for developers to find stuff.
 Are there plans for QtCreator to offer something like MSVS2008 "Multiple
Documents"?  (Or, did I miss this feature somewhere?)

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