[Qt-creator] Finding definition in file with different encoding

Pawel pawelfaron87 at wp.pl
Mon Dec 30 20:01:59 CET 2013


In my corporation we have to deal with several encoding for source files  
(I know you sympathize :) ). Mainly with UTF-8 and Windows 949. This  
causes the following strange behavior (in attachment are 2 files which can  
be used to reproduce this)

1. My Default encoding set in QtCreator is Windows 949.
2. I Import Project and open some file with Windows 949 encoding (main.cpp  
 from attachment).
3. I try to find definition of some symbol which is in file with UTF-8  
encoding (Point in main.cpp).
4. QtCreator didn't find it so I open the file (point.h)
5. It opens with information that "Could not decode point.h" with Windows  
949. Editing not possible". Which is ok because I can still view the file.
6. I return to main.cpp and now QtCreator can find the definition.

So it is enough to just open the file and QtCreator is able to parse it.  
But it would be great if QtCreator can find definition without the need of  
opening the file beforehand.

best regards

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