[Qt-creator] Git interactive rebase

Orgad Shaneh orgads at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 08:28:22 CET 2013


I'm trying to create interactive rebase support for Git plugin. WIP change
can be found here <https://codereview.qt-project.org/47834>.

I created a small tool that communicates with qtc using a local socket. It
is used as GIT_EDITOR.

I need some help with this, since I'm not familiar with the
editors/documents architecture.

When the action is triggered, a log editor is opened with "Waiting for
data". Log editor is used to enable interaction with commits (describe

When git rebase decides to open the editor, the stub passes the todo
filename on the socket.

*Q: *Is there a way to assign a file to an editor (including its content)
after it is opened? I'd like to still use the same log editor but make it
work on the todo file (i.e. Save should overwrite the file rather than
prompting the user for file name).

The stub expects a reply (anything) on the socket, then it exits. This
reply should be sent when the editor is closed.

*Q: *Is there a signal or a virtual callback that is called when the editor
is closed? Destructor maybe?

I would like the editor to highlight some keywords using different colors
(pick, squash, fixup etc...) like it is done in Vim (supplied with
msysGit). How do I do this? :)

Any other comments on the design or the code are welcome.

- Orgad
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