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>On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 8:15 AM, Daniel Teske <daniel.teske at digia.com> wrote:
>> In general though, the answer is that Creator is not different from a
>> standalone designer. E. g. the requirement to compile the plugins with the
>> same compiler as creator is compiled is exactly the same as it is for
>> designer.
>> daniel
> Except that the truth of your generalized statement is obscured by two problems:
> (1) On Windows, Creator isn't self-hosted! You can't use its own output with it!
> (2) The standalone Designer included in the Qt kit bundled with
> Creator *can* use those plugins!

Using one Qt Ceator on windows for all the packages was a deliberate choice. The main reason for doing so is actually not that we're lazy testing 6 packages instead of one, but that with the online installers we expect to have soon, there's no one to one mapping from Qt version to Qt Creator version anyway anymore. You'll then can happily install 3 different Qt versions side by side, do you want then to have 3 Qt Creator versions installed, too?

I see that the situation for self-compiled designer plugins is unfortunate. Anyhow, there's also a good side: If you e.g. decide to provide binary plugins for Qt Creator, you'll have to only provide one instead of 6 :) For the Qt QUick 2 designer we actually solved this problem by splitting the designer in a client and server part, where the server (qmlpuppet) is compiled with the Qt version people develop with.

Btw, the Creator is built with the Qt msvc-2010-32 package, and you can use that one if you want to have working plugins. 



PS: We only shipped one Qt creator during Qt 4 times, too. AFAIK there was e.g. never an official creator compiled with MinGW.

> /s/ Adam
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