[Qt-creator] Project organization with multiple targets

Preet prismatic.project at gmail.com
Thu May 23 06:14:55 CEST 2013


I noticed that when using the BlackBerry Kit with QtCreator (2.7),
QtCreator will create a bar-descriptor.xml file in my project's root
directory. Right now I'm building for desktop Linux and a Playbook, but say
I end up adding more targets, like Android, Ubuntu, Sailfish, etc. It seems
like it might be a bad idea to add target specific files all in the root
directory... its messy, and imagine a case where there's a generic
'config.xml' file that multiple targets generate or something (or maybe the
user has a config.xml in their root directory for their own application!)

I'm guessing what gets created where is plugin/kit specific, but I'd like
to suggest that platform specific assets get their own folder, or at least
be user configurable. Maybe something like
/projectdir/platforms/platform_name/platformasset.stuff or whatever the
case may be.

Or maybe the suggested way of doing things is to manage separate platforms
as separate project files? Like...


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