[Qt-creator] Deploy from DESTDIR

Duane duane.hebert at group-upc.com
Thu May 30 14:32:06 CEST 2013

I have several projects and typically set a /bin directory with the 
DESTDIR tag in the pro files.  This way I can build all of the projects 
and copy the files easily.  But sometime I want to deploy these to a 
remote linux device through creator, mostly for remote debugging.  I do 
this by setting

linux-* {
      target.path = MyPathOnTheTarget
      INSTALLS += target

This doesn't work if I use DESTDIR as it seems to require the exe to be 
in the build directory.  I'm not using shadow build.

Is there a way to do both?  I mostly want to have a common directory 
where only the apps are located and not the build objects.

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