[Qt-creator] gcc 4.9.x support for all platforms

Poenitz Andre Andre.Poenitz at digia.com
Fri Aug 22 13:50:24 CEST 2014

Sergey Kuratov wrote:
> I use Ubuntu with gcc 4.9 & Android ndk r10 with gcc 4.9.
> In QTCreator Android configuration options I have alert message about Python support.
> But it doesn't contain gdb binary for 4.9 toolset !!!

GDB is (mostly) indepedent of GCC, there is no "gdb binary for 4.9 toolset".

> Of course I just switch debugger to 4.8 version and use gcc 4.9 & 
> gdb from 4.8 but it's not good state for release product I guess.
> Could somebody add latest gdb and  fix this issue ?

Qt Creator is not responsible for what's distributed in Android NDK.
It only helps the user a bit to install it, and the use what's there.

You should talk to the Android NDK packager if you are unhappy
with what's in there.


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