[Qt-creator] Select-All gone worse

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Fri Aug 22 15:24:44 CEST 2014

On Friday 22 August 2014 13:54:39 Nikolai Kosjar wrote:
> Hi!
> On Thu, 21. Aug 18:06, Jochen Becher wrote:
> > With QtCreator 3.2 pressing Ctrl-A will not only select all text in
> > editor but move the cursor to the top of the text.
> Can't reproduce with the released 2.3.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.


Actually, I can reproduce this, so to speak (see below), but I guess the 
problem is another:

- select with Ctrl+A
- indent with Ctrl+I (or whatever other action (even no action) apart from 
deleting everything)
- now try to get rid of the selection:
	- Esc does nothing (IMHO it *should* remove selection)
	- moving cursor with the up, down or right arrow effectively moves it, but 
as if it was at the last position in the selection (end of file)
	- moving cursor with the left arrow effectively moves it, but as if it was 
at the first position in the selection (beginning of file)

BTW, the behavior of the cursor is identical (and similarly unexpected) if in 
all of the above we replace Ctrl+A with Ctrl+U.

I don't remember how it was in previous releases.

So, what is a bug?
- Esc not removing selection?
- cursor moving from current position upon non-cursor (i.e. shortcut) 
- both?

(QtCreator master on OpenSUSE 13.1 with Qt 5.2.2 manually compiled here)

Cristian Tibirna
KDE developer .. tibirna at kde.org .. http://www.kde.org

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