[Qt-creator] refactor "shortcut" proposition

Kosjar Nikolai Nikolai.Kosjar at digia.com
Thu Feb 13 21:54:25 CET 2014

On Monday, February 10, 2014 20:36, qt-creator-bounces+nikolai.kosjar=digia.com at qt-project.org [qt-creator-bounces+nikolai.kosjar=digia.com at qt-project.org] on behalf of Jeandet Alexis [alexis.jeandet at lpp.polytechnique.fr] wrote:
> When you use "Ctrl+left click" on method you can switch between
> definition and declaration. So why not proposing to add the definition
> if it doesn't exist when you use "Ctrl+left click" on the declaration?

I don't see a problem with that. To the contrary, this looks user-friendly.

Just make sure to inform the user that the definition does not exist, otherwise
F2 (Follow Symbol) might (initially) be regarded as the shortcut for triggering
Quick Fixes.

> If you like this:
> Would some patch doing that be accepted?
> Would it done directly by the current editor maintainers?

Add me as a reviewer.

See class InsertDefFromDecl for the Quick Fix functionality. F2 / Follow Symbol
triggers FollowSymbolUnderCursor::findLink().


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