[Qt-creator] Problem in Qt Creator 3.0.1

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 14 01:56:46 CET 2014

When I see this, its because I did not add the module to QT as in:

QT += quick 

The hint is QQuickItem is not colored. 

I've gotten inconsistent behavior over the years on if you can get away with certain packages or not, but its always this when it happens. 

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Subject: Re: [Qt-creator] Problem in Qt Creator 3.0.1

I wasn't able to run QtCreator in that mode to see the output on Mac.  I tried setting and exporting the environment, launching manually in Terminal, but saw no output.

Interestingly enough, this syntax highlighting problem happens in Qt 5.2.1 with the absolute simplest project I just created via the Qt Creator project wizard.  So the concern about .pro syntax seems for naught.

Here is the simple class where it underlines the #include QQuickItem in yellow and QML_DECLARE_TYPE in red on my system.  There is nothing special in the .pro file.  It's wizard-created, and I added my TestItem.cpp to SOURCES and TestItem.h to headers.  Simple stuff.





 - VStevenP

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Subject: RE: [Qt-creator] Problem in Qt Creator 3.0.1

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> Subject: [Qt-creator] Problem in Qt Creator 3.0.1
> In Qt Creator 3.0.1, it doesn't recognize my #include <QQuickItem> anymore.

* Double check your kit configuration.
* Restart Qt Creator with the environment variable
  QTCREATOR_DUMP_PROJECT_INFO=1 set and watch the
  output for  "=== Merged include paths ===". Do you see the include
  path for QQuickItem? If not, the code model did not get the
  include paths.


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