[Qt-creator] problem about symbol hierarchy

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Thanks a lot. According to my understanding, after document is parsed using doc->check(), the symbols of different documents are actually not linked to each other. That is to say, if A is defined in docA, and used in docB and we got  Symbol* varA, we can't directly get its definition from any member variable of class Symbol. All we have to do is to search it in the database and that takes much more time. 
Now the APIs is a little dispersed, for a new developer like me, it's hard to remember a lot of classes whose name are totally different, such as SymbolFinder, CppFindReferences. I think if we can provide unified APIs to do such kind of search(for example, Searcher::findDef, Searcher::findDecl, Searcher::findUsages, Searcher::findOverridedFuncs), it will bring much convenience to plugin developers.  

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> So how can I make the scope hierarchy completed in order to merge the function node?

As I already wrote in another mail, use e.g. SymbolFinder::findMatchingDefinition().

But...what should happen if you click on a function entry in your class view? Should it jump to the declaration or definition? You could leave the one or the other out...

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