[Qt-creator] OS X Debugger (LLDB) Not showing number of items in containers

Michael Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 16:47:50 CET 2014

On Feb 18, 2014, at 10:04 AM, Michael Jackson <imikejackson at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Feb 18, 2014, at 5:16 AM, Poenitz Andre <Andre.Poenitz at digia.com> wrote:
>> Michael Jackson [imikejackson at gmail.com] wrote:
>>> int main(int argc, char *argv[])
>>> {
>>> QVector<size_t> dims(1, 3);
>>> qDebug() << dims[0];  <== Breakpoint here
>>> return 0;
>>> } 
>>> The above problem reproduces the issue that I am having.
>>> I am on OS X 10.8.5 with a self built Qt 4.8.5. I have Xcode 4.6.3 
>>> installed. I have set the Debugger to use lldb. When I step through the
>>> above program and stop at the line marked above the debugger says
>>> that the "dims" variable has "0" items.
>> This might depend on the actual version of LLDB/Clang/gcc
>> I see <1 items> (and it's expandable with subitem [0] showing "3") with
>> LLDB 300.2.47, and 179.6 (which came with Xcode 4.6.3) I think.
>> Which LLDB version and compiler are you using exactly?
>> Maybe you can put a complete log (right hand side of Windows->Views
>> ->Debugger Log) on bugreports.qt-project.org? 
>> Andre'
> 501:[mjackson at Ferb:~]$ which lldb
> /usr/bin/lldb
> 502:[mjackson at Ferb:~]$ lldb --version
> LLDB-179.5
> 503:[mjackson at Ferb:~]$ /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/lldb --version
> LLDB-179.6
> 504:[mjackson at Ferb:~]$ clang --version
> Apple LLVM version 4.2 (clang-425.0.28) (based on LLVM 3.2svn)
> Target: x86_64-apple-darwin12.5.0
> Thread model: posix
> 508:[mjackson at Ferb:~]$ which gcc
> /usr/bin/gcc
> 509:[mjackson at Ferb:~]$ gcc --version
> i686-apple-darwin11-llvm-gcc-4.2 (GCC) 4.2.1 (Based on Apple Inc. build 5658) (LLVM build 2336.11.00)
> Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
> This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO
> What OS X Version are you using? 
> Thanks 
> Mike Jackson

Just to update this a bit more, I installed Xcode 5.0.1 (including the command line tools), created an entirely new user account, compiled our codes and still have the same problem. Not really sure what the issue is at this point.
 I wonder what the difference between my machine and others which this supposedly works on? I'll try to get a debugger log submitted.

Thanks for any help
Mike Jackson

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