[Qt-creator] Android libraries

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 20:01:10 CET 2014

So my app requires some additional native libraries.

let's call them lib1.so and lib2.so, lib1 depends on lib2.

Under the project: run: details

1. When adding these, once I got the full-path somehow, and another time I didn't. When it didn't the build tool didn't find the library. Hacked the profile to use absolutes, it worked.

2. When 1 depends on 2, 2 must be loaded first (Android platform loader limitation). This is as simple as arranging the list to be: 
rather than:

It would be cool if QtCreator could figure this out and always produce a loadable order, regardless of add order. Without them in right order, you'll get a library not found error despite it being int he proper location on the device. I figure this would prevent a lot of headaches.

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