[Qt-creator] Not scroll editor when stepping in debugger

Wiebe Cazemier wiebe at halfgaar.net
Sun Feb 23 15:03:47 CET 2014

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> Sent: Sunday, 23 February, 2014 1:34:19 PM
> Subject: Re: [Qt-creator] Not scroll editor when stepping in debugger
> I am not aware of such an option, and of course it could be added, in
> theory.  However, there's a soft limit on the numbers of options that
> should be added to mimic behaviour of other IDEs.

I think I would have preferred it even if I hadn't know about Visual Studio.

> For a quick attempt you can replace the 'centerCursor()' call
> with 'ensureCursorVisible();' in BaseTextEditorWidget::gotoLine
> in src/plugins/tesxteditor/basetexteditor.cpp:1985.

I'll see about building QtCreator from source to try this.

> And this definitely feels odd to me. It essentially removes a
> significant part of the "visual execution context", by not showing
> "what will be executed in the near future". At the very least,
> the remaining context should be more than one line (I just checked,
> Eclipse seems to use 8), but then it feels odd that in some cases
> the line moves, and in some not.

What if the code you're debugging fits in an editor that doesn't have to scroll? Then the only thing that moves is the current statement indicator as well. Does that feel weird to you as well?

> OTOH, I might just be conditioned to the current behaviour.
> A feature request would go to bugreports.qt-project.org.
> Andre'

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