[Qt-creator] User settings file and collaborative work

Barbara Post bpo at eonix.be
Wed Feb 26 12:22:42 CET 2014

>Hi Barbara,

Hi again Tobias,

>>>> -  I develop a custom Qt plugin
>>>> -  I have to copy my dll to a specific folder for execution by a
>>>> plugins host
>>> That is a task the build system should handle (via "make install" or similar that should then go into the deploy configuration).
>> OK, I meant during development and local testing by developer.
>That is a task for the build system, independent of whether it is local testing or not. Who else is using the build system but the developers? Your customers probably get a binary packaged up in an installer after all.

This is true.

>>>> -  An environment variable is used for base path of commands
>>>> configured in build/run settings
>>> Who sets this variable?
>> Every developer.
>So is that set on the system level or is that something you expect your developers to set in Creator?

An environment variable at system level.
>Currently those customized build/run commands are saved as part of the
>build- and run configurations which in turn are children of the targets (== kits). So if the kits go away then so does your custom setup:-/
>Let's assume you could define custom build/run settings in some other way for the moment (that does not work right now, just to make that very

Thanks for clarifying.

>So you define a project that needs to run qmake, customSetup.exe and then make to build and needs to run /usr/bin/someCommand when the run button is clicked.
>Does this configuration work for all possible setups on windows (e.g.
>with different compilers, etc.)? Should your custom steps get added for users on linux as well? Those can most likely not even run a .exe file.
>What about kits targeting blackberry or android?
>To support this we would need to provide a way for you to limit the set of applicable kits in some pretty generic way (like "add these steps only to Qt 5.x kits targeting windows desktop development with MSVC2012").
>A build system can do that because those define their own language for exactly that purpose. Our .user files on the other hand are basically static heaps of data and I would really like to keep them that way.
>Let's not add another configuration language on top of those you need to learn to master your build system already!

OK this helps me understanding.

>> I agree, I don't know much anyways, just beginner thoughts.
>Those are often the best: They are not yet used to the particular set of constraints any platform places on them:-)
>So basically your want to have some way that sets up your code for co-workers that are fresh onto the project. This should not require manual tweaking for those new developers so that they can become productive soon. Did I understand that correctly?

Yes you did, it was as simple as a developer point of view for other developers.

Best regards,

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