[Qt-creator] Qt Creator patch submission

Poenitz Andre Andre.Poenitz at digia.com
Thu Jul 24 16:06:38 CEST 2014

Hi all.

This is an attempt to clarify some details of the handling of
patch submissions to the Qt _Creator_ code base. If you don't
submit patches for Qt Creator, you can safely ignore the rest 
of this mail.

It's technically possible, and in some cases socially acceptable 
or even preferred, for reviewers to augment a proposed change on 
codereview by pushing a new patchset.

We did that already every now and then, so that's nothing new,
but we had a bit of a chat internally, and that's the gist:

- It's based on mutual understanding. A reviewer should not be
  forced to make changes, nor should a patch author be forced to
  accept such changes.

- The changes should be obvious and uncontroversial. Like 
  correcting a typo in comment or commit message, or correcting 
  clear (and simple) deviations from coding style. 

- Changes should not be done based on personal preferences that 
  are not enforced by the coding style.

- An augmented patch should be sanity-checked by someone
  before submitting into the repo, preferably by the original author.

- Bigger changes are possible on a case-by-case base on explicit
  request by the patch submitter. E.g. put a comment saying
  "This works with X and Y, but I can't test with compiler Z. Feel
  free to augment this to make it pass on Z."

The overall goal of the policy is to avoid unnecessary round trips
and save developer time. 

Happy coding.

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