[Qt-creator] Raise awareness: Qt Quick Designer's need for love

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of course we are working Qt Creator 3.1. ;)

The issue is bugs like QTCREATORBUG-11511 is: If we cannot reproduce it, then we have no idea how to fix it.
And if we cannot reproduce the bug and it works for our setup, then the bug has "external dependencies".
So we need at least a stack trace to even get an idea what went wrong.

Another way to help us to to bisect the file for the code that triggers the bug.

I am currently in GMT+1.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hartmann

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I guess when you say QtC 5.x you are referring to QtC 3.x right? Or shall we expect a big version bump?

Currently this bug:

The provided example in there has many facets, it's not just that code it's very frequent. All the bugs i want to add are not reproducible with toy code, and i just refrain reporting because i'va had a few "works here, stop nagging"-style answers, i don't want to be annoying. That example is just one i found to be easily reproducible, but it seems fixing it might have great benefits all around.

Anyway, about QTCREATORBUG-11511, im sad it's not marked as P2 (or even P1), because it breaks the designer, and renders it totally useless (unless toy code is used exclusively).

OTOH, code rewriter crashes seems to be improving, im tracking master and i've found few in the last weeks.

> We are also reachable on IRC (Freenode) in the Qt-Creator channel.
I've had few luck, what timezone are you? im GMT-6


On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Hartmann Thomas <Thomas.Hartmann at digia.com<mailto:Thomas.Hartmann at digia.com>> wrote:

I am the maintainer of Qt Quick Designer and I apologize for the late response, but I was on paternal leave.
We are currently working hard on Qt Creator 5.1 and fix as many bugs as we can.

I am aware of the fact that Qt Quick Designer has limitations, but .qml files are significantly more complex then the old .ui files.
Our focus currently is getting Qt Quick Designer working as good as possible for beginners,
for embedded UIs and typical desktop UIs using the Qt Quick Controls.
We do a lot of testing and with Qt Creator 5.0.1 it is possible to create reasonable complex UIs using the Qt Quick Designer.

For Qt Creator 5.0 we were busy to port the UI of the Qt Quick Designer itself (item library, states editor and property editor) from Qt Quick 1 to Qt Quick 2. While this has no immediate advantages for user, it means that Qt Quick 2 is used for a real complex application and we can iron out many bugs for end users.

Everybody can help us by submitting bug reports. Reproducible bugs, including an example, we can often fix very easily.  Providing a stack trace is also very helpful. But keep in mind that we cannot fix every bug in a short time frame, since some bugs require more work as it seems, come the risk of breaking other things or require changes to the architecture.

We are also reachable on IRC (Freenode) in the Qt-Creator channel.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hartmann

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