[Qt-creator] CMake for Android with Qt Creator - Bug (Tobias Hunger)

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> Hi Adrian,
> Am 12.03.2014 04:25 schrieb "Adrian Silva" <silva at keldesan.com.au>:
>> Apparently CMake for Android is not properly working with Qt Creator.
> I'd put it more like this: CMake is only supported on the desktop. It is
> not only not working "properly", Creator does not even offer anything but
> desktop kits for cmake projects!
> <snip>
>> Any comments or suggestions are highly welcome!
> Currently qmake is the only build system that is supported to build for
> android. So this is not limited to CMake.
> The problem is that the code in QtC that handles the deployment and
> execution of the generated binaries is currently bound to one specific
> build system. That build system is usually qmake, but could in theory be
> any of the supported ones.
> There are plans to generalize that, but I think it will take a couple more
> releases to introduce the necessary abstractions. Help is greatly welcome!
> You should be able to build android apps using cmake already by switching
> your android kit over to use the desktop device/device type: The current
> cmake support does ignore the settings in the kit anyway. You will then
> have to script the deployment yourself though and running and debugging
> will not work out of the box either.
> Basically building is not the problem, the rest is?
> I hope this sheds some light on the issue.
> Best regards,
> Tobias

I have successfully compiled Qt apps for android outside of cmake with 
Qt 5.2 and i think at one point i got a package working using the 
androiddeployqt script. Often for development though i just create a 
empty qmake project and modify the make install to pull in my binary 
built with cmake rather then the one built with qmake. Sometime ill 
properly finish and document the process i use but it is atleast possible.



PS: Sorry for breaking mailing list threading i only get the digest

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