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I've started (sometime ago) to develop a plugin to QtCreator to work
with Tfs. 

My initial idea was using TEE (Team Foundation team Everywhere - which
is java based) command line. But when I've started to code a
"CloneWizard", I've realized that Tfs command line (tf.exe/tf.bat)
doesn't list Tfs collections (user's can choose an project in a list?). 

Team Foundation Everywhere 2013 has a Java SDK similar to .Net classes.
So I can write some java code to use Tfs capabilities (like list

But I wanted the opinion of you. 

Do I Write a java command like to list the information that I need?
(this option makes the plugin like others plugins - like mercurial,
subversion - that relies on external programs) 


Do I Load a Java VM in memory (via JNI) and use the Tfs classes
directly? (this option will speed the use of Tfs - java command line has
slow startup times on some machines. But QtCreator will load a JavaVM in
your memory space.) 

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