[Qt-creator] Project updating while switching branches

Harri Pasanen harri at mpaja.com
Thu Oct 16 09:10:37 CEST 2014


I have a small issue with Qt Creator 3.2.1, not sure if it is known,
or perhaps it is a configuration issue and my lack of knowledge combined.

I have my project in git. I do the release builds from the master branch
and then I have one or more test/development branches I merge to master
when it is time to do a release.

I switch branches from the command line.

The dependency detection does not seem to automatically pick up 
everything on a branch switch.
So if I forget to do a clean project after switching a branch, it seems 
that on occasion I have
"hybrid" builds, where some parts are compiled with the compiler flags 
from the other branch, defined in .pro.

Qt Creator seems to know the active branch as it is displayed in the 
title bar.
Is there a way to hook up clean project to branch switch?

Another question I have is with respect to .pro.user files.

I've removed those from git repository, as they seem to have absolute 
paths and in general are
not meant to be shared if I've understood things correctly.

However, the Android deployment settings seem to be stored in the 
pro.user file.
This causes a minor niggle when the keystore used is different in 
different branches,
one has to then manually respecify the keystore after each branch switch.

Being cautious, I've taken to exiting from QtCreator when I'm going to
switch branches and then restarting it.

Any advice?



PS. Qt Creator is my favorite IDE, so thanks to all developers!

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