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Betreff: Problems with debugging using QtCreator, QBS and BareMetal Plugin
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I'm using Qt Creator with QBS for debugging embedded targets with the
BareMetal plugin.
This works fine until build process gets a bit more complex.

In old qbs file product type was

*type: ["application"]*

in that case, everything works fine. Build output is

*linking nrf51822_ble_nano_test.elf*

Uploading and debugging can be startet using the debug button.


I've added two rules for the new build process, which converts the output
file to hex
and then merge it with a second hex file. In that case product type needs
to be changed

*type: ["combHex"]*

build output:

*compiling main.cpp*

*linking nrf51822_ble_nano_test.elf*

*converting nrf51822_ble_nano_test.elf to nrf51822_ble_nano_test.hex*

*combining nrf51822_ble_nano_test.hex and
s110_nrf51822_7.1.0_softdevice.hex to nrf51822_ble_nano_test_combined.hex*

But now, debugging and uploading does not work anymore.
I only get the following popup when pressing the debug button.

[image: Inline-Bild 1]

It seems that BareMetal plugin does not recognize the target file anymore.
Is there any solution for this?

Best Regards,
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