[Qt-creator] Qt Quick UI example code

John Idarraga johnid at nikhef.nl
Fri Oct 31 12:41:44 CET 2014

Hello all,

I downloaded the last version of QtCreator (3.2.2 Built on Oct 10 2014 
11:17:04 From revision 34971be5cc).  I proceed to start a new 
Application project  --> Qt Quick UI.  The template code generated for 
the constructor of the class goes as follows

SpidrMpx3Eq::SpidrMpx3Eq(QWidget *parent) :
     ui(new Ui::SpidrMpx3Eq)

if for instance i want to connect a signal to a slot for a given object 
I need to do

connect( ui->_myButton, .... )

My question is.  Why not letting the Ui setup by doing


and then simply use the inherited public member "_myButton"

connect( _myButton, .... )

what's the use for the ui pointer here ?

thank you,


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