[Qt-creator] Peripheral Register View for bare metal projects

Tim Sander tim at krieglstein.org
Tue Sep 16 00:07:30 CEST 2014

Hi Axel
> when developing on bare metal targets, a view that shows all the peripheral
> registers would be nice to have. KEILs IDE has such a view for example:
> http://www.keil.com/support/man/docs/uv4/uv4_db_dbg_systemviewer.htm
Yes a view like that is also on my wishlist. But for the BareMetal plugin 
there is Make and Cmake support which more basic and thus more important for 
me right now.

> So far, I have not found any reference for such a view in QtCreator.
> I am thinking about implementing such a view as a plugin.
This is a very good idea :-).
> Here is what I have found out so far:
> Considering ARM-CPUs that use memory mapped IO,  „all you need to do“ is to
> have a list of the adresses, examine the adresses using GDB command x and
> populate the list with the output.
There is also a binary view in okteta. The kde binary viewer. Its a little 
clumsy to use, but thats another implementation get some ideas from.

> There is a standard xml-based file format that maps logical register names
> to adresses called CMSIS-SVD. SVD is for System View Description for
> Peripherals. The files are provided by the chip manufacturers.
Do you have a description of this format somewhere? (schema?)

> Would anyone besides me be interested in such a plugin?
Yes! Its on my low priority todo list so it would be great if you could speed 
this up :-).

Best regards

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