[Qt-creator] can qt-creator properly parse C only code?

Jean-Francois Dagenais jeff.dagenais at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 20:25:36 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I use QtCreator for my many development projects. Amongst them is the linux kernel codebase. I enjoy qt-creator enough to get the kernel code indexed and I overwrite the build and deploy to suite the kernel build needs.

Works pretty well, except the kernel source is all pure C and uses some of the C++ keywords (such as ‘class’) as normal symbols. This throws off the parser and some definitions become missing.

Is there an easy way to specify “strictly C” to the parser, or hack the list of keywords to achieve proper parsing? All kernel C files are suffixed with .c and all headers are suffixed with .h

I am running qt-creator branch 3.2 (HEAD) compiled against Qt 4.8.6

Thanks for any pointers!

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