[Qt-creator] extracting path/filename from selected file in navigationwidget(Project)

Hermann Fieger hermann.fieger at t-online.de
Thu Apr 9 14:17:03 CEST 2015

Meanwhile i've included (imported) my python files into a "Qt Generic
project" ( "test.creator" ).
Now the example works on an "open" project.

  QString           qs_path;
  QString           qs_file;

  ProjectExplorer::Project *p_pro  =

  if( p_pro == NULL ) {

    QMessageBox::information( Core::ICore::mainWindow(),
                              tr("There is no open project!") );

  ProjectExplorer::Node    *p_nod  =

  qs_path = p_nod->path();
  qs_file = qs_path.section( QLatin1String("/"),-1,-1);               
// get only file name

  f_dlg_conv *wdg_conv = new f_dlg_conv( qs_file );

It has also  now a more professional look to display all used files in
an open project tree,
though a wouldn't need it, because all my dependencies starts all from
one single file.

Thank you very much for answering,

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