[Qt-creator] problem with the keyboard shortcuts in KF5

Gena Bug archaerolog at mail.ru
Mon Aug 17 12:08:46 CEST 2015

On 14.08.2015 16:58, Orgad Shaneh wrote:
> בתאריך 14 באוג׳ 2015 4:53 אחה״צ,‏ "Gena Bug" <archaerolog at mail.ru> כתב:
>> Hello!
>> After I switched to plasma 5 I noticed that Alt-shortcuts (and may be
>> others) stopped working. For example, to get svn diff for the current
>> file I press Alt+S, Alt+D. That worked before upgrading to plasma 5
>> however now this combination (Alt+S to be precise) starts debugging
>> session instead of showing me the diff.
>> Did anybody notice the same behaviour?
>> __________________________________________
> Yes. Alt+R triggers Run (in addition to the default Ctrl+R), and Alt+G
> triggers Back (like Alt+Left). The last one is really annoying, since it is
> a prefix for all Git actions which I use a lot.
... And Alt+S triggers Debugging which is the prefix for all Subversion 
actions. But where is the root of the problem -- in qtc, in qt5 or in 
kf5? How can it be fixed?

> - Orgad

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