[Qt-creator] very bad performance for Qt Creator with Qt 5.5.0

Freddy Martinez freddy311082 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 06:58:35 CEST 2015

Hi guys...

I'm getting a lot of troubles to work with Qt Creator with the new version of Qt... This kind of problems didn't happend with Qt 5.4.2

I'm making some changes to my application, and when my app start, sometimes I got segmentation fault, but I can't debbug my app.. If I run my app everything is fine, but if I try to debbug my app, when I'm doing 

MainWindow w;

when I call w.show() I got segmentation fault and the debbuger send me to the binary editor with assambler code. The stack doesn't say anything about what happend... and it's very very rare what it's happend because is exactly the same code which I have compiled and running with 5.4.2

beside, Qt Creator give me 20 000 + warnings... for example... 

in all my classes where I have the macro Q_OBJECT i got a warning... what is that ?? :(

I think that this problem is only for OS X, because my friends use Linux and Widows and the only one who has this kind of troubles is me


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