[Qt-creator] how to enable DesignMode for my mime type document

Дмитрий Шмыков d.shmykov at nexters.com
Wed Aug 26 12:37:56 CEST 2015

Greetings to QtCreator developers.

I don't know whether this place is right one for asking questions. IRC 
is sleeping how that's why I ask here.

I've registered my own mime type of documents in IEditorFactory-derived 
class. But when I open this type of documents in QtCreator DesignMode is 
off (the corresponding icon in FancyTabWidget is disabled). Where should 
I register my wish to use DesignMode for working with my type of 
documents. E.g. when I open qml files there's a reason that DesignMode 
is active for them. Where can I see the code responsible for it?

Regards, Dmitriy Shmykov.


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