[Qt-creator] issue with issue pane

André Hartmann andre.hartmann at iseg-hv.de
Wed Dec 16 10:48:15 CET 2015

Hi Dmitry,

Looks strange, warnings are displayed as errors, and it seems Creator 
can't locate the file for the error. Please tell us more:

* Creator version
* Which compiler is this?
* How is the project organized?
   - Are the sources files in subdirectories?
     (Best would be to send the project file)
   - Which is the working directory of the compiler?
* Please send the contents of compile output pane too.
   Are the errors marked red there?

Best regards,

Am 16.12.2015 um 10:24 schrieb cyb:
> Hi, there's an issue with issue pane.
> Everything should be clear from next screenshot
> <https://habrastorage.org/files/96a/c97/e3e/96ac97e3e12744d7a53b68d4c3d63cd6.png>
> Gcc error parser is working, there's a line and file but it cannot take
> me to issue and not showing issue in source file. Maybe it because I
> used *"Import project"* but it should work in theory. Is this a my bug
> or feature was not implemented yet?
> Thanks,
> Dmitry
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