[Qt-creator] cross plugin linking

Sitta Buhmann sbuhmann at marum.de
Mon Dec 14 13:43:26 CET 2015

I have the case that I want to use widgets from one designer plugin 
within another plugin.
As long as I do not use resources this works fine by linking the basic 
plugin to the other plugin.
However, if the basic plugin contains resources and is linked to the 
other plugin qt designer does not find these resources anymore. Probably 
because the same resources are present in multiple plugins (because of 
the linking).
=> Cannot open file ':/Attitude/Default/foreground.svg', because: 
Unknown error

If I do not link the basic plugin to the others the designer does not 
resolve the cross library dependencies at runtime and does not start.
=> symbol lookup error: 
undefined symbol: _ZN11DoubleGaugeC1EP7QWidget

How can I solve this?


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