[Qt-creator] Please change the postion of the build status indicator

Samuel Stirtzel s.stirtzel at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 13 16:39:08 CET 2015

2015-11-13 15:39 GMT+01:00 Tobias Hunger <tobias.hunger at gmail.com>:
> Hi Samuel,
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 2:35 PM, Samuel Stirtzel
> <s.stirtzel at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> would it be possible to display the progress bar in the projects view
>> as background of the projects?
>> Crudely painted example:
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-m3uk1yDB-cmVlbVV5VlpyQTA/view?usp=sharing
> Nice idea, but how do all the people that hide the sidebar see that
> something is in progress then?
> Where should progress bars go that are not directly related to any one project?

Hi Tobias,

the idea does not have to be mutually exclusive with the current solution.
Would it be possible to implement a project view build indicator as a plugin?

For the time during session switching a centered splash screen may be
worth a try, it would be easy to spot and could make the GUI feel more
responsive (as changing the session can feel slow with large


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