[Qt-creator] Qt-Creator: the variant of project's tree

Ignat Awwit ignatius.awwit at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 20:24:58 CET 2015

Hi, developers of Qt-Creator.

I have a very interesting idea how to create a comfortable file tree
(It seems to me that it is really very convenient for developers of C++

Now files in the project's tree are grouped by Headers and Sources
For example:

- Headers
- Sources

This division is not bad, but in large projects it is difficult to find the
necessary file in the tree.

I propose a solution: the files should be grouped according to the names of
the entities, and the choice of a particular file can occur by clicking on
the icon of the file extension.
For example:

- Folder
Header [h]
Main [h] [cpp]
Test [h] [cpp] [inc]

[h], [cpp] and [inc] are the icons of files' extensions.

This option will make the search for the necessary file in a project much

I hope you will read and evaluate my message.
I'm waiting for an answer from you: what do you think?
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