[Qt-creator] Ctrl+B start build => Ctrl+B start/stop build

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Wed Nov 18 20:57:39 CET 2015


Consulting the list before writing a feature request to bugreports:

Currently I happen to do a lot of tentative building of fairly complex generic 
C++ code that I kinda write in collaboration with the compiler ;-). This means 
that very often I start a build that produces > 1K errors in a few seconds and 
I rather prefer to stop it and fix some of these first errors before 

Since I use almost exclusively the keyboard, I hit Ctrl+B to start a build. 
Then, when I want to stop it, I have to hit Alt+B (that opens ... the Build 
menu -- inefficient), make sure that "Cancel Build" item is highlighted and 
hit Enter. This is 1) slow, 2) inelegant 3) feeling half-baked, 4) slow ;o)

Would it be considered a useful improvement to have Ctrl+B mean "start build" 
and, in the obvious situation when a build is in progress, mean "stop build"? 
For this second occurrence, a small modal popup dialog should be displayed, 
asking for confirmation (perhaps with the "Cancel stopping build" button 
preselected ;-). Thus, without looking up from my build log (which is down at 
the bottom of the screen), I could hit "Ctrl+B/Alt+O" (in which Alt+O is 
contextual) to stop a build.

(NOTE: I know about being able to associate a keyboard shortcut to the "Cancel 
Build" action with the Environment>Keyboard tool, but it's not the same thing: 
it becomes difficult to find meaningful (easy to remember) key combinations 
and the probability of inadvertent kerfuffle with combinations like Ctrl+B, 
Ctrl+C is ... not inconsiderable).



Cristian Tibirna
KDE developer .. tibirna at kde.org .. http://www.kde.org

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