[Qt-creator] Qml Designer does not always show QQuickItem derived C++ classes

Wolfgang Baron wolfgang.baron at gmx.net
Fri Nov 20 08:45:49 CET 2015


when I create a Qml exposed C++ class inheriting from QQuickItem in a Qml plugin, Objects of this class do not show up in the navigator window, nor in the central displaying area of the Qml Designer. There is a small chance, that restarting Qt-Creator will get the objects to be shown. They always show up in the state editor, no matter whether they show up in the navigator or the central displaying area.

This is so, even if the C++ class is just a dummy class without any properties of its own. Items nested in the C++ based items only show up, when the containing C++ based item is displayed. Debugging messages show, that all methods get properly called (constructor, destructor) in all 3 qml2puppet processes, even when the item is not displayed.

This does somehow look like QTCREATORBUG-11377, although just importing a module containing a C++ based class does not seem to matter and Qml based items in the module work just fine. Also, the fact that restarting Qt-Creator may cause the Designer to display all items as it should is not mentioned. The problem described in QTCREATORBUG-11377 does not mention the state editor either.

I find this very strange, because QtQuick classes do the same, only they are implemented in the same library as QQuickItem. Is there a way around this or do I have to file a bug (or add information to QTCREATORBUG-11377)? Does anybody know of a workaround?

Thanks for any insights!

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