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Hi Freddy,

regarding the import error: you're importing the wrong way. You don't have to import the file at all if it is located inside the same folder as your main.qml file.

So, first of all change the import to

import "qml"'

inside your main.qml.

Now, ULineEdit.qml should be imported correctly, but it has other issues to get it working.. (You will still get something like 'Element is not creatable' - I don't exactly know what you're aiming at, but at first you should replace

property Font fontEdit


property font fontEdit

Now you should be able to successfully import and run your code. Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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Hello Guys...

I have 2 qml files:

main.qml and

as you can see, I have a main.qml file at the same level with the qml folder which has a ULineEdit.qml

this is my ULineEdit.qml

import QtQuick 2.0

Rectangle {

    id: idEdit

    property double widthEdit : width

    property double heightEdit : height

    property string placeHolderText: ""

    property color underlineColor

    property color textColor

    property color placeHolderColor

    property Font fontEdit

    // underline for lineEdit


        id: underlineId

        color: underlineColor

        width: widthEdit

        height: heightEdit / 10.0

        anchors.bottom: idEdit.bottom



        id: textId

        font: idEdit.fontEdit

        property bool showPlaceHolder: true

        text: qsTr(placeHolderText)

        width: idEdit.widthEdit

        height: idEdit.height - underlineId.height - 2

        anchors.bottom: underlineId.top

        verticalAlignment: Text.AlignVCenter

        horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignLeft

        onTextChanged: {

            if (textId.text == "")


                textId.text = idEdit.placeHolderText

                textId.color = idEdit.placeHolderColor

                textId.showPlaceHolder = true




                textId.font = idEdit.fontEdit

                textId.showPlaceHolder = false



        onFocusChanged: {

            if (textId.focus == true)


                if (textId.showPlaceHolder == true)


                    textId.text = "";





                // checking if we have to show the placeholder or not

                if (textId.showPlaceHolder == true)


                    textId.text = idEdit.placeHolderText

                    textId.color = idEdit.placeHolderColor






and this is my main.qml file

import QtQuick 2.3

import QtQuick.Controls 1.2

import QtQuick.Window 2.0

import "./qml"

Window {

    visible: true

    width: 640

    height: 480

    title: qsTr("Ultra4")

    color: "#F9F9F9"


        width: 100

        height: 20

        color: "black"


            widthEdit: 100

            heightEdit: 20




the problem is that when I try to run my app, Qt Creator give the following error:

qrc:/main.qml:19 Type ULineEdit unavailable
qrc:/qml/ULineEdit.qml:4 Element is not creatable.

What is the problem ? because I can't see it...


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