[Qt-creator] crash in QReadLocker when I try to reuse QmlDesigner source code

Дмитрий Шмыков d.shmykov at nexters.com
Mon Oct 12 11:52:00 CEST 2015

Hi friends.

I've tried to write a question to the IRC but its text seems to be long 
so I ask here if anybody can help me with reusing QTC source code in my 
project. This question isn't bound directly with any QTC bug.

I'm writing a function that takes qml file path as input and should 
return populated QmlDesigner::Model as output. Then I use 
QmlDesigner::Model to work with qml document that contains domain 
specific info for my application.

I'm gettng a crash in QReadLocker and I've posted the question to this 
forum https://forum.qt.io/topic/59648/crash-in-qreadlocker .

Here's the function's source code. Please tell me if I reuse QTC source 
code incorrectly.

DialogFactory::populateNodeTreeFromFile(const std::string& fileName)
     // reading the file
     const QString qfileName = QString::fromStdString(fileName);
     QFile f(qfileName);
     if (!f.open(QFile::ReadOnly | QFile::Text))
         return nullptr;
     QTextStream in(&f);
     m_rewriterView->setPlainText(in.readAll()); // m_rewriterView is 
created in the constructor
     // populating the model
     return m_docModel;

Thanks in advance.
	*Шмыков Дмитрий *
www.nexters.com <http://www.nexters.com>
+7 985 915 0966
skype: dmitryshm1

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