[Qt-creator] Sensible make -j X?

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That is right for you - I have a massive build farm (look into icecc, distcc, or a commercial equivalent - they are awesum), -j 80 is the sweet stop for me.  I like that Qt Creator stays with -j 1 by default because I notice right away that my build is only spinning off one job and I cancel and fix it.  If qt creator defaulted to -j8 I wouldn't notice until several minutes later when I'm trying to figure out why my build isn't done yet.

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In this world, where both phones and computers are averaging 4 cores (or more) does it make sense to ever not default make to 1 thread? I can understand that some situations can't have multi-threaded builds, but I believe they are in the minority now. I find that a good value for -j is N*2 where N is the number of cores (since there is a lot of i/o delay from loading all the headers)

It would be nice if this was populated from the get-go. I believe it's stored in the .user file? Is there a way to set it in the .pro file? I work in iOS/Android/Desktop, so it's kinda silly to have to set this 6 times (debug/release) in the same project!

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