[Qt-creator] Why QtC does not use QDockWidget for most tool-panel

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Wed Apr 6 23:56:11 CEST 2016

Hi, Tobias.

>> Can  QtC move all its panel to use QDockWidget or there are some isues with this?
>We could have used dock widgets before. We did not want to as we see little sense in allowing users to shuffle around widgets.
Well ... why you see no sense? How to work with one-window app in multydisplay workplace. This definitely limits the developer.

> Currently there is no way to use QtC better if you have multiple monitors.
>That did improve somewhat in the last couple of versions. At least you can detach editor windows now.
In 4.0.0 rc1 snapshot April 6 I did not get how to detach editor. Could you explain which version and how?

>> Moreover things which were attahed to the left can not be ataged to the right. Which is so annoying ...
>Why should it matter which side of the screen something is displayed?
It would allow me to see different panel to the left and to the right of the code ... this is actually why DockWidget exist ... to
allow people make their workplace the way they feel comfortable.

>> because having only one colum is totally not enogth to see content of
>> "Outline", "Open Docs" and "Prohect" pannels which needs all the time.
>There are keyboard shortcuts to switch between those views, so at least you can switch between them all without having to fiddle with the mouse.
Better to see everything without pressing anything.

>There are lots of really fast and convenient ways to get around your code and I do personally not consider the sidebar widgets as fast nor convenient and hardly ever use them.
You mean they have something to improve or independent of implementation this is something not usefull as an idea?

>I prefer the locator for the navigation tasks other people use the sidebar widgets for. In my opinion the locator is easily the best feature in creator!
>Just hit Ctrl-k to focus the locator. Then type ". <symbol>" (where symbol is any method, function, variable, ...). This takes you straight to its definition in the current file.
>Enter "<filename>" into the locator to jump straight to that file (independent of whether it is open or not).
Ok ... you made me to force myself to use this.

> There is a lot more the locator can do for you: Open a web page, view help, jump to classes and methods, ... .
So for example "c qtv" should give me QTableView as one of options. But it did not !?
Why ... if this is already implemented in editor ... why here in locator ... which is exactly for searching ... this fast-type is absent!

>Ctrl-Tab also lets you navigate your open files... (Or was that Alt-Tab or Shift-Tab?).
Ctrl-Tab. I use it a lot. But in "Open docs" panel files are sorted alphbetically so sometimers it is easier to find them there (I agree that
I need to test locator for this purpose also ... and I will).

Another help of using QDockWidget could be simultaneously edit code and edit widget-base-UI ... for ex. at second monitor I put
my UI editing panel-widget and on the main monitor code editor. Would not it be nice ?!

Because all current switches from UI to code and to UI back and to code again are so on ... let's say ... frustrating.

Visual Studio 4.0 had no or limited docing functionality. Now look at current Visual Studio. EVERYTHING is dock-windows.
You can layout everything with whatever way you want. You can dock Everythin to everything.
May be history of VS evolution can bring us to the idea that it is better to allow people layout things ... independent to how often QtC developers
themselves need this fature. Because QtC devs could never ever had the situation like user.
For example I expect that in Qt Company devs does not practice multi-monitor workstations so using dock-widgets never seemed important.

In most cases I agree that opinion of QtC devs is important ... but "color and taste" must be treated differently I think. I mean always prefer to
allow user do things way he prefers.

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