[Qt-creator] Searching for names in locator with starting letters as it is in code-completion

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Fri Apr 15 09:39:05 CEST 2016

Hi, David and Everyone.

> there is already a suggestion for this feature at
> https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-3111
Thanks for pointing out. I voted.
By I wonder how votes influence things. May be there is like decision what for every 20 votes we increse priority 1 level? No?

May be someone know how in JIRA get list of most wanted/voted bugs?

> Vote on this suggestions if you would like to see it at some point in creator, but to
> be honest it hasn't currently the highest priority.
:( I see

Does  only me feel that all fields outside of code-editor are like from old 90's ...
we are used to edit and search names in one way and outside of code-editor all line-edit-boxes are like
not for C++ devs ... they are like for word-editors

*I mean that ctrl-left and ctrl-right does not respect uppercase "midle-points" (like is skips
whole "setPlaintText" which is not the way it is in editor). Test this in search fields, renaming refactorings ... everythere!

*Line-edit-boxes font is small (not the one you have selected for code editor) ... and I never found how font size of them can be increased.

*And search in locator and search in code is also unaware that it is possible to search with middle-point letters.

May be someone can point out other code-editor and code-completion features missed from line-edit-boxes all over QtC UI.

So I am not clear why this whole situation is not important (P3 for bug 3111).
It seems that if to subclass once from QLineEdit and add features we have in code-editor this can benefit ALL edit-boxes of QtC.

I welcome everyone share thoughts about look and feel of QtC line-edit-boxes of is vs to code-editor look and feel.

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