[Qt-creator] Qt Creator 4.0 Green Font Color in Welcome screen

Thomas Pollok tom.pollok at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 22 12:55:44 CEST 2016


i am using QtCreator now for years and have tested QtCreator 4.0 beta and
rc1 recently.

Would it be possible to rethink the decision regarding the green Font Color
at the Welcome Screen of QtCreator? I know that this green is the color of
Qt, but does the text therefor have to be green aswell?

Try using the dark theme and then you might see what i mean. This green
color and dark gray background are unfortunately not made for each other.
It works with the white flat theme, but using dark theme not.

Please reconcider before the final release. I would suggest to keep the
font color white as in the previous versions.

By the way: The green color you are currently using in QtCreator 4.0 (i
picked the color of the green grid of the welcome logo at top left, above
edit) is
R: 127
G: 194
B: 66

The new Qt Color at qt.io is
R: 8
G: 210
B: 86

Its a bit more neon colorish - which generally seems to be the next big
trend. See the spotify logo, google Play icons redesign, iTunes and many

For the 4.0 release maybe you could take the chance to also redesign the
QtCreator Logo so that it is consistent to the new color qt color scheme.

Also this blue color you are using now for the "Edit Mode Icon" looks not
conform to my expectations. For years using Qt Creator, I was conditioned
that this blue is related to debugging. Now its for edit - thats very
weird. Why not keeping it white as it was?

Im generally not agains making changes to try out new ideas, but personally
id change those points i mentioned. This is not a complaining mail, but i
rather try to be constructive and give user feedback.


Kind regards,

PS: QtCreator is awesome
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